Mar 14

Nowadays is more than popular to speak about global change, social impact, social innovations and a lot of different social things leading us to social entrepreneurship. But… the biggest challenge is – HOW to make this “social good” PROFITABLE and how to build the SUSTAINABLE business model at the same time creating the significant IMPACT? Too many tasks… be INNOVATIVE, be SOCIAL, be RESPONSIBLE, be… be…. ChangeMakers’ON is the very first International social start-up weekend – made with passion, love and good will of experienced partners in Lithuania. It is not only an event – it’s also a movement which was created to empower young and initiative adults to create social good and innovations. ChangeMakers’ON doesn’t like small talks and ideas “on the paper”. ChangeMakers’ON was born to have a REAL RESULT in your hands. In other words – Bring (IN) your Idea – Enjoy your time working hard during weekend – Bring (OUT) your social business – BECOME social entrepreneur ; )