Anniversary 10th Hacker Games will close this year in Vilnius!

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2017-11-24 18:00 - 2017-11-26 19:00

The 10th and anniversary Hacker Games will finish this year on 24-26th of November in University of Applied Social Sciences. Startup Lithuania invites all participants to compete in software, hardware and games tracks.

“We are happy to see how Hacker Games grown up and to celebrate it together with our loyal partners and the most important - smart and creative participants. While organising this event we noticed that we have a lot of young people full of innovative ideas. So successful startups and achieved companies comes to help them, so they have a chance to try them to make a successful businesses”, says Head of Startup Lithuania Roberta Rudokienė.

Hacker Games format stays the same. On Friday participants will pitch their ideas on the stage and form the teams. Gathered together various professionals such as programmers, designers and business specialists will start 48 hours work trying to create innovative software, games or hardware products.

They will continue work on Saturday, some of them even overnight. Professional mentors will be there for help in many areas from product to business development, from design creating to pitching. 

On Sunday all the teams will meet on the Hacker Games stage to pitch their final products and fight for the prizes.

Anniversary hackathon will have more prizes than usual. Game Insight ensured 1000€ worth industry trip for game track winner. Meanwhile TeleSoftas will present 600€ in cash for the first place software project, Tesonet - 400€ for the second place winner and and extra cool backpacks for the third place winner. 

Also Hacker Games are glad to announce their partnership with DXC Technology, an international corporation providing end-to-end IT solutions and services globally, who help the event sharing their experience and mentors. The participants of the upcoming Hacker Games will be able to benefit from global DXC expertise, which is going to be shared by the company’s sponsors.

DXC is bringing not only its international expertise to the Hacker Games hackathon. Described “as a startup with 170 thousand people” itself, DXC is not a novice when working with different startup ecosystems. The company is cooperating with several startups within the automotive industry on mobility and cybersecurity solutions in Germany, and launched a hackathon titled “The Future of Innovation Challenge”, which focused on technology within healthcare, in Singapore. 

The Lithuanian startup ecosystem is also familiar with DXC already: it sponsors this Hacker Games hackathon for the second time, and was the main sponsor of the “1776 Challenge Cup”, which took place at Vilnius Tech Park in September. The participants of the upcoming Hacker Games will be able to benefit from global DXC expertise, which is going to be shared by the company’s sponsors.

Participation in Hacker Games is free of charge. If you are interested just register here: and follow us on Facebook.

The event is organized by Startup Lithuania powered by Enterprise Lithuania