How can a Startup Overtake Tycoons?

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Novotel, Vilnius
2017-09-16 09:00 - 2017-09-16 12:00

A dynamic workshop that will bring together startup executives and consultants in Lithuania to discuss how how co-innovation can make startups excel in the marketplace.

Silicon Valley’s tech champions were not the only demonstration on how startups can outperform seasoned market players. Most industries worldwide are now experiencing disruption by game changing models introduced by micro-businesses, which then grow exponentially to acquire substantial market shares and reshape the landscape. Hal Praxis has researched this topic in depth to analyze how small entities can foresee and execute upon opportunities better than resourceful and innovation driven enterprises. Collaborative Innovation was proven to be the key factor that gives start-ups an advantage over their elder pears. Hence, the workshop will be gathering 20+ Startup executives and consultants to discuss what makes co-innovation outperform standard innovation and how startups can leverage on that.