Internet of Shit Hackaton

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Technarium, Aguonų 17, Vilnius
2017-04-22 11:00 - 2017-04-23 19:00

Together with M-LABMakerspace Lietuva and Padirbtuvės we invite you to celebrate the absurd on April 22-23rd! :)

A dishwasher botnet? A spying camera in a microwave oven? A dildo,
surreptitiously sending the usage patterns to its manufacturer? A smart
wine bottle that displays how much wine is left? Hacked teddy beards
demanding ransom from parents? Malware in a heart pacemaker? A juicer
that cannot be used when Wi-Fi is down?

It’s no longer clear what is an actual product and what is a cruel parody. The only thing
evident is that tech companies are choosing to create absurd useless
unsafe malfunctioning gadgets instead of looking for solutions for the
very real global problems we face. The gadgets, of course, can only be
monetised via surveillance of their users and ubiquitous ads.
We shall not start startups, change the world, chase investors or breed unicorns during the Internet of Shit hackathon. Let’s simply turn up the absurd till 11, learn something and have fun.
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