LOGIN Startup Fair 2017

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Vilnius Tech Park, Antakalnio g. 17, 10312 Vilnius, Lithuania
2017-05-24 09:00 - 2017-05-25 18:00

Keynote speeches, workshops and startup BBQs on the grass under the trees. Startup indie bands, sports activities and food trucks in the park. B2B meetings with 50+ investors and a pitch competition inside historic buildings. Is this a dream? No.

Welcome to the 5th edition of LOGIN Startup Fair! 

LOGIN Startup Fair has moved to Vilnius Tech Park, a former home to the palace of Lithuanian nobility and then a military hospital turned into a 9000+ sq. m tech and startup hub last year. It’s a unique place where we get inspired by nature to create high tech products and services.

Also, a comprehensive Startup Visa scheme has been launched in Lithuania this year that will open doors to non-EU startups. This will translate into dozens of non-EU startups taking part at the LOGIN Startup Fair and seeking opportunities to relocate and to grow in the EU.

What’s on the menu this year?

Main stage powered by Trustpilot

10:00-10:30 Opening remarks. Speakers Rūta Pentiokinaitė, Managing Director of Enterprise Lithuania, Rugilė Andziukevičiūtė-Buzė, Vice-Minister of Ministry of Economy and Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius
10:30-11:00 Built to last: Establishing and Growing a Hardware Startup. Speaker Donatas Malinauskas, CTO at Deeper
11:00-11:30 Founding of the Taxify. Markus Villig, CEO at Taxify
11:30-12:00 Title TBA. Speaker Chris Grew, Partner at Orrick
12:00-12:30 Startups die from suicide not homicide. Speaker Michelle Messina, CEO at Explora International
12:30-13:45 Startup Battle Semifinal I. Pitch Battle powered by Triniti
13:45-14:30 Possibilities for startups in banking sector. Speaker Andrius Bičeika, Head of Business Development at Revolut
14:30-15:45 Startup Battle Semifinal II. Pitch Battle powered by Triniti
15:45-16:30 Exponential organizations 2.0. Speaker Mantas Aleksiejevas, Seed Programme Manager at Google
16:30-17:45 Startup Battle Semifinal III. Pitch Battle powered by Trinity

10:00-10:30 Rethinking financing your startup. Speaker Christian Thaler Wolski, ex Wellington Partners
10:30-11:00 MY money for YOUR word. Speaker Zvika Kezurer, Chairman at Lithuania-Israel technology Hub
11:00-11:30 How Instagram has changed the business game & why is that good news for startups? Speaker Ramunė Tumasonytė, Founder of content agency IF Agency
11:30-12:00 Title TBA. Speaker Mei Wen
12:00-12:30 European scaleup landscape. Speaker Omar Mahout, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School
12:30-13:00 Fintech – fad or for real. Speaker Stefan Glaenzer, Passion Capital
13:00-13:30 How to grow with 500 people without going completely insane. Peter Holten Muhlmann, CEO at Trustpilot
13:30-14:00 The inevitable future of startup funding. Speaker Urmas Peiker, Cofounder of Funderbeam
14:00-14:30 Wake up world. Speaker Davis Barons, Cofounder of Creamfinance
14:30-15:00 From a Self-Funded Startup to a Leading Online Marketplace. Speaker Ross Paul, CTO at 1stdibs
15:30-16:00 World Class Product – insights on the “How”? Speaker Šarūnas Savičianskas, CTP at TransferGo
16:00-17:00 Startup Battle Finals Pitch battle powered by Triniti

Masterclasses powered by Oberlo 

12:00-13:30 Sales and Partnership challenges. Moderator Zvika Kezurer
14:00-15:30 Lean Pricing. Moderator Omar Mahout


10:00-11:30 Marketing Plan on One Page! Moderator Donatas Jonikas

12:00-13:30 VC & Entrepreneurship is easy (explained in a non-lawyer way by TRINITI). Moderator Linas Sabaliauskas
14:00-15:30 IP is easy (explained in a non-lawyer way by TRINITI). Moderator Vilija Viešiūnaitė

Masterclasses powered by Telesoftas 


10:00-11:30 How to use smart pricing to increase profitability in your SaaS Startup. Moderator Christian Thaler-Volski

12:00-13:30 Building a Sales Funnel - Technology Stack and Tactics. Moderator Alex Grechanowski

14:00-15:30 Business in the US. Moderator Stacy Kim


10:00-11:30 Storytelling. Moderator Lloyd Waldo

14:00-15:30 The 1st thing that every Product Manager should learn: how to manage assumptions. Moderator Vytautas Butkus

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