Product Managers Camp III

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Rastinėnų sodyba, Mikališkių g. 7A, Mikališkių k., Sudervės sen., Vilniaus r. sav.
2017-06-01 09:00 - 2017-06-02 16:00

Product Managers Camp - is 2-day event where product people meet to learn, discuss & grow. Get together with like minded product leaders from best companies to share insights, practical knowledge and valuable information.

Have you ever been stuck with product problems and nobody to talk it over? Like building that loyalty program or prioritising features or don't know best ways to lead 1-on-1meetings?

Chill! We've been there too. We tried to learn from one another, tried to find professionals who have been in our situation & eventually came up with solutions that worked!

What this all about?

Product Managers Camp is a 2-day event where like minded product people meet to learn, discuss, grow and encourage one another.

You will experience:

• 2 high level speakers with practical workshops (strategy and pricing)

• 2 workshops to work on your problems (its not necessary, but advised to bring your own challenges)

• Time for your own short presentations - if you have something to share, please do :)

• Free time to connect: sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, pool (game), barbecue and time to get to know each other; We will learn together, eat together, sleep together*, party together - everything under one price tag.

Ever wondered how other product people are doing? Than it's a must for you to be here. Practical workshops, relevant issues, friendly chats, sauna, pool and who knows - maybe basketball or poker? Build meaningful relationships with local product enthusiasts experiencing it all together :)

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