JetCat Games Receives EUR 100,000 And Plans To Grow Along With Lithuania

2015 September 1

JetCat Games Receives EUR 100,000 And Plans  To Grow Along With Lithuania

Several years ago Raman Ulasau, the co-founder of “JetCat Games”, has not even considered opening his own studio, let alone receiving EUR 100,000 investment from Lithuania-based venture fund Practica Capital for developing a helicopter-based game. Nevertheless, Raman along with his partners from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine has established their own startup, relocated to Lithuania, and also has become the very first game developer to receive investment from a local risk fund by now.  Their new project, called “Heliborne”, is frequently described as the ‘king of the hill on helicopters’, and their successful lead not only significantly alters a landscape of the Lithuanian game development industry, but also encourages the Lithuanians to appreciate the foreigners’ input into the growth of Lithuania.

“JetCat Games” is the gaming software developers, who have recently exhibited a trial version of their brand new game “Heliborne at Gamescom, which is the largest game development event in Europe. The international indie startup, which moved to Lithuania just one year ago, is already polishing up a game that enables its users to fly using iconic helicopters from the most famous films and wars. The models vary and come from different times and scenarios. Their variety of models, which comes from different times and scenarios, distinguishes this game from many others and captivates even the most skeptical gamers.

The Story Could Have Been Different

However, at the very beginning of “JetCat Games”, Raman and his friends did not plan to start a business. They were only coming together to work on “Heliborne” out of creativity and curiosity in their free time. No one could have predicted that these three guys, all coming from different places, will come together in Lithuania to create a phenomenal product.

Moreover, developing the gaming software in the places of origin of the founders was not quite a good option. Raman points out that coming from the countries, which are located outside of the EU, has given them an opportunity to witness how the systematic support from an international structure provides multiple benefits and offers way more chances to succeed: “When you live in the EU country, where there are a lot of possibilities to travel, work and study wherever you want, sometimes even with the governmental support, you get really motivated to do all of these things, unlike in the CIS countries, where the story is quite different.”

The Investment Is In, But It Was Not So Easy

“If someone had told me that we will get EUR 100,000 investment to develop our own game one year ago or so, I would not have believed that,”- says Raman. However, raising money for their startup required not only groundbreaking product, Raman and his colleagues had to engage their networking skills while visiting the events, talking to various people across many fields in trying to show the potential of their game to the world. The co-founder of the company compliments Lithuanians for being there for him throughout this difficult and intense process: I don’t think I could have gotten where I am today without the help and advices from many great and supportive people and organizations working in this country.”

Raman also emphasizes that it was very important to do homework before starting to pitch anything: ”No matter how good your idea is, you must analyze the statistics and digits in order to get a sense about how your market looks like. He advices any other prospective entrepreneurs that it may be extremely beneficial to simply show their pitch decks to  their friends or people around to get any additional feedback, because any extra perspective is always an advantage in this pitching the great ideas.

Wants To Grow Along With Lithuania

“JetCat Games” is eager to seize the opportunity to use Lithuania as the basis, from where the company will be able to launch their product globally. Raman argues that the Lithuanian startup ecosystem is growing and developing very fast, just like Lithuania itself. He highlights numerous initiatives and organizations helping startups and entrepreneurs to innovate.  

Lithuania is preparing many students with phenomenal scientific knowledge and innovative minds, training many entrepreneurial young individuals. This is the process, which annually produces talented, innovative and very motivated young specialists eager to fill the market, and the startups such as “JetCat Games” are more than happy welcome them. “There are all the opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to succeed here. That is why we picked this country”, - concludes Raman.

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