Startup Lithuania Roadshow

11 000 km, €11 M, 17 startups and a Frisbee. Have you ever seen a Frisbee that flied more than 11 000 km? And have you ever seen a group of different startups united to a one team to raise a total of €11 M? The BEST freshly made Lithuanian startups are ready to go far to catch their success, even as far as their Frisbee goes.

Lithuania has one of the fastest internet in the world during recent years.  This year Lithuania is ready to blast the IT world with the fastest moving startups and set the furthest flown Frisbee record.

Frisbee is light, easy and geeky. So is the startup. And they both connect people!

Being an independent country for more than 20 years, Lithuania has brought up the first generation of fast moving, globally thinking and outgoing geeks. Now they are coming to introduce themselves to the rest of the modern world and set a Frisbee record during the Startup Lithuania Roadshow.

TOP 17 Lithuanian startups were professionally selected for the Roadshow by local and international VCs, angel investors, accelerators and media representatives.  The main goal of the premium startups from Lithuania operating in the fields of finance, healthcare, 3D technologies and others is to attract foreign investment and sign major business partnership contracts. 

Startup Lithuania Roadshow is powered by Enterprise Lithuania and Startup Lithuania. The journey of the TOP 17 Lithuanian startups and Frisbee as their mascot starts in Stockholm and then proceeds to Tel Aviv, Berlin and London. The delegation will travel more than 11 000 km to raise a total of €11 M. During the Roadshow you will have a chance to:

  • Meet 17 investor-ready startup superstars in one place
  • Explore co-investment opportunities in Lithuania
  • Build bridges with members of the Lithuanian startup ecosystem
  • Be a part of the Frisbee flight record

You can view profiles of the startups here.

For any questions please contact Lijana Juozaityte:

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