Digital marketing intern

Xylo | Vilnius
Shoot, mix, and share short multi-track music videos with the Xylo app.
    Can you tweet like Kanye? Insta like you think you’re a Kardashian? Speak English better than Snoop Dog? Fo shizzle??
    Xylo is looking for a Digital Marketing Intern to support the marketing team in our Vilnius office in doing… stuff.
    We could write down a bunch of stuff we think you’d be doing, but in reality, you’ll just end up doing whatever it is that needs to get done that day. But, you won’t be fetching coffee… as the marketing team tends to go out for loooooong coffee breaks instead.
    ** This is an UNPAID internship, but all that made it through our internship program were offered jobs. **

What you’ll do:

  • Lots of Googling
  • More writing than the author of Twilight (seriously, one of those books was more than enough)
  • Spend more time on your phone than a 12 girl
  • Send loads of letters to people you don’t know

    Your skills:

  • Better at research than a crazy ex-girlfriend
  • Know when to talk, when to listen (good at both)
  • Passion for music or tech or marketing or something… anything… just have some fire!


  • Language skills (especially Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Indonesian)
  • Play a musical instrument or DJ/Electronic musician
  • Basic graphic design skills
      Send your CV + cover letter in English ONLY, write “DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN” in the email subject.