15 teams invited to Startup Lithuania Roadshow 2014 training
Jun 19

Congrats to 15 freshly made startups, who got through the second challenge of Startup Lithuania Roadshow 2014! Last week 32 startups were competing to prove whose pitch is the best. Checkout the photos from the big Thursday here.  

Jury finally made their decision! Startups*, listed below are invited to intensive Startup Lithuania Roadshow training program. Demo Day II will be organized afterwards and up to 10 teams will be shortlisted to hit San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, Dublin and Helsinki in autumn.

The lucky 15:

  1. Eylean
  2. Inside Warehouse
  3. JobRely
  4. Lemon Labs
  5. MobilityBee
  6. Pipeline Pharma
  7. Place I Live
  8. Plate Culture
  9. ReHobby
  10. Rotten Wifi
  11. Simple To Act
  12. SMASH Tennis Booking
  13. Soundest
  14. Timebase
  15. weRobots

A short reminder: Startup Lithuania Roadshow is your bridge to the most startup friendly ecosystems in the world. It is dedicated to investor ready startups, which are looking for seed or venture funding. The process consists of three parts:

  1. best local and freshly developed startups are selected
  2. they attend extensive pitch training with international experts
  3. they travel to pitch to investors and partners abroad.

The bridge is being build by Enterprise Lithuania and Startup Lithuania for the second year in a row.

* You’ll get the e-mail with all the details regarding training soon. Stay tuned.