Cross Media Track at Hacker Games Explained
Feb 21

Hacker Games, the main hackathon series in Lithuania, is scheduled for 10-12 of March in Kaunas. We’ll have a novelty there: the fourth track called Cross Media on top of our traditional Software, Hardware and Game tracks. Nebula Cluster has helped to set it up and they also offer 500 EUR in cash for the winners. Darius Sakalauskas, facilitator of the Nebula Cluster, explains what the Cross Media track is all about.

Nebula Cluster is a 10-strong alliance of companies and individuals working in the areas of  movie, television, interactive, online and classical media, computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality and animation. The cluster was officially launched in 2014, its current members consists of names such as OKTA, Llamas Valley, Pixelete, PetPunk, Iron Digital and Gluk Media. Darius Sakalauskas says the cluster was launched to join forces for better implementation of larger cross media projects both in and beyond Lithuania, collaboration in creation of innovative products and also to promote fields such as AR, VR and animation for various different industries.

For the latter reason, Nebula Cluster joined Hacker Games in KTU’s Santaka Valley on 10-12 of March.

“Basically, the Cross Media track is about finding ways to connect audiovisual technologies (AR, VR, video games, animation, you name it) into exciting solutions. Members and partners of our cluster are particularly interested in cross media projects for three areas: tourism, medicine and education, we see a significant demand from the market there. However, we shall not limit ideas at Hacker Games to these three fields – anything that embraces and connects new forms of audiovisual technologies is very welcome. We shall contribute to the event with our pool of motivated mentors and we shall also help teams to take the best projects far beyond the hackathon,” states D. Sakalauskas

He suggest cross media is a very promising field both in terms of business and creative opportunities, let alone its social aspect. Think learning and medical possibilities with VR glasses, for instance.

Just to remind you, the Hacker Games are free to attend. The hackathon will take place on 10-12 of March in KTU’s Santaka Valley. The event will start on Friday, 12 of March, at 18 hrs. Idea pitching and team formation will take place on Friday, followed by building projects for the rest of weekend. Learn more and register now at