New Co-Working Space Launching in Kaunas: This City has Perfect Conditions for Startups
Jan 17

Nessie At Work, a new co-working space in Kaunas, is set for a launch next month. It’s founder Tadas Straševičius suggests the principles of how and where have changed in the past years, and Kaunas has ‘perfect’ conditions for startups. Hence the launch of another co-working centre in the second largest Lithuanian city, and yet it promises a healthy lifestyle twist.

Nessie At Work should become the fourth co-working space in Kaunas, an addition to Talent Garden, Happspace, and DesignFriends. And yet Tadas suggests co-working hubs in itself are not a ‘trend’. Rather, he says, it’s a reflection of a new mindset among the people.

“People started to use services that are mobile, flexible, ones that don’t have gigantic agreements and unaffordable costs. People want to pay only for what they use. If we will look around, everything is changing, for example, you can rent a car cheap with one button click and you understand that sometimes renting a car is even cheaper than having your own, because of the maintenance costs of vehicle. There is lot of good examples on this, mobility and ease, but the same scenario it is with co-working spaces, people just don’t want huge agreements from landlords, bills and unacceptable rent costs, they just want fast, cheap and easy access to work place. They want to share and gain knowledge from their colleagues and to be a part of professional society. It takes some time while new services or habits reach Lithuania from other countries. It took time while Uber came to Lithuania, same is happening with co-working spaces market, it just takes time to change habits. You cannot open new place and expect customer flood if your business activity is not in your current target customer’s habits. It is a tough job to form these habits, it can be done by investing huge amount of money or just by sitting back and relaxing why our friend Time is working,” Tadas argues.

He also believes Kaunas has huge potential for startups and creatives.

“It is super cosy and gorgeous city with great infrastructure, friendly people and good conditions for business. Kaunas has perfect conditions for startups, because it has lower costs for living comparing to Vilnius. One of the biggest technology universities stands here too, so it is great opportunity to find new tech team members, it is very good ecosystem to grow your team. Everyday we see new businesses opening, reconstructions are in progress, Kaunas is growing rapidly and seems that it does not plan to stop,” Nessie At Work’s founder suggests.

What’s so special about Nessie At Work then? Tadas says it will offer a healthy lifestyle twist.

“Nessie at Work is a new co-working space in Kaunas city center, which will have two yoga studios included. Our mission not only to provide comfortable working environment, but also to give an opportunity to look after your physical body by attending yoga and other physical activity classes, clearing your mind and improving creativity by visiting meditation sessions, and also to taste our homemade healthy food every day. We saw a problem that most of the hard working people don’t have time for a gym or to look after their nutrition. And we solved it! Nessie at Work will open its doors in February and will be one of the biggest co-working spaces in Kaunas,” Tadas promises.